“think for oneself”不是“为自己考虑”

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A: Ought I to go? B: Think for yourself. 【误译】 A:我该去吗? B:你为自己考虑一下吧。 【正确】 A:我该去吗? B:你自己好好考虑吧! 说明:think for oneself 意为“独立思考”、“自己拿主意”。ought to意为“应该”。 以下是"Think for oneself" 的一些应用例句: 1. It's important to think for oneself and not just blindly follow what others say. 独立思考很重要,不要盲目地听从他人的意见。 2. She encouraged her students to think for themselves and come up with their own solutions to problems. 她鼓励学生们独立思考,自己想出解决问题的方法。 3. In order to be a good leader, you need to be able to think for yourself and make tough decisions. 要成为一名好的领导者,你需要有独立思考的能力,做出艰难的决策。 4. Don't just accept what the media tells you, think for yourself and do your own research. 不要轻信媒体的报道,要独立思考,自己进行调查研究。