abbr.good sound merchantable 畅销的;gross sales monthly 月销售总额;global system for mobile 全球移动通信;grams per square meter 克/平方米

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Wholesale supply gsm conversion socket travel .
Reward gsm visa applicants who possess good english language ability .
The gsm association , a mobile-phone trade group , estimates that 90 % of the world 's population lives within range of a base station .
Take texas instruments , which leads the market for chips in mobile phones on the gsm standard .
It tests the convergence path of economic growth of eastern , central , western china , by establishing six spatial weight matrix and using gsm .
The 10 patents it accuses apple of violating are related to making phones able to run on gsm , 3g , and wi-fi networks .
Please do not send the gsm processing offices original documents or paper copies of documents previously attached to the browser or sent by e-mail unless asked to do so by a departmental officer .
Yang xianzu said that gsm service will remain the principal source of the group 's operating revenue and profit while launching the cdma business is a strategic decision of the group to establish a leading position in the market .
The company claims that no software configuration is required from the user to get it to work - perhaps because it relies on mobile technology ( specifically the gsm cell phone network ) rather than wifi .
Nokia and ericsson , the pioneers of the gsm standard , took years to develop the technology ; zte built its first base-station in six months .