英音  [ˌdi: pi: ˈaɪ] 


abbr.disposable personal income 个人可支配收入;dots per inch 每英寸(灰)点数,(灰)点/英寸

dpi 的用法和双语例句“点击”或“选中”例句中的单词,就可以看到词义解释

Any font changes resulting from a new dpi setting will take effect after the fonts are installed and windows is restarted .
But the truth is that digital technologies such as dpi are enabling governments -- in the name of investigating criminals or terrorists -- to snoop more and more intimately upon us .
If your screen resolution makes screen items too small to view comfortably , you can increase the dpi to compensate . To change font sizes only , click cancel and go to the appearance tab .
But when most people cannot distinguish the difference between photographs printed at 300 dots per inch ( dpi ) and 150 dpi when held at normal viewing distances , you have to wonder whether 4320p ultra hd television is overkill .