英音  [ˈkɑ:nəl] 
美音 [ˈkɑrnəl] 



carnal 记忆方法

carnal的词根或词缀是: carn  
所属分类: TEM8

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If we have sown unto you spiritual things , is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things ?
Specifically , they wanted to hear stuff only guys would know , about how to communicate with men and what the carnal landscape looked like from a male 's vantage point .
Even after our soul is born again spiritually through regeneration , we continue to be aware of that carnal nature with us , and often find ourselves in the middle of a struggle between it and our new spiritual nature imparted by the indwelling of god 's spirit .
This eventually resulted in the banning and even destruction of many previously treasured works of art ; indeed , the oldest and best-preserved copy of the carnal prayer mat only survives by dint of having been taken to japan ( it currently resides in tokyo university ) .
Since the law came into force in 2000 , celebrities have been able to obtain injunctions that prevent the publication of personal details ranging from carnal indiscretions to more serious issues , as long as the courts agree that the details violate their right to privacy and aren 't matters of real public interest .
In an effort to combat the growing lure of the sugar daddy , some local governments have gone on the offensive , preaching against moral turpitude and trying to encourage young women to rely on less carnal skills to survive .
Love is spiritual , lust is carnal .
For we know that the law is spiritual : but I am carnal , sold under sin .
It 's just pure carnal nirvana .
Imperfections of every sort are illusory and unreal , delusions of the carnal mind .