abbr.audiotape recorder 磁带录音机;antitransmit-receive 反收发;advanced test reactor 高级测试反应堆;air transport rating 航空运输等级

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So it is encouraging that a conservative such as senator coburn is willing to work with democrats and take on the fiscal fundamentalists of the atr .
Here 's how the system works : an operator sits at a computer with a webcam and special teleoperation software developed by atr .
Atr says reconstructing dreams is harder because the brain signals during sleep may be " noisier , " and is now researching how to get more meaningful information from a sleeper 's brain .
Luz lorenzo , chief economist at atr kim eng securities , a regional stock brokerage , said that was partly because remittances consisted not just of current compensation but also savings accumulated over years .
Mr norquist is the pugnacious founder of americans for tax reform ( atr ) , a mighty pressure group that deems taxes no less of an evil than alcohol was in the eyes of the 19th-century temperance movements .
Automatic target recognition ( atr ) has been applied in military field more and more frequently with the development of technologies . Therefore , the effective localization and recognition to the ground buildings by atr is a task valuable for both theoretical research and military affairs .
A study of electroreduction no on ru electrode with atr surface enhanced ir absorption spectroscopy .
Atr spoken language translation research laboratories : graduate school of engineering , doshisha university .
So this paper does certain researches on ommateum and some atr techniques are proposed in this paper .
Besides 100 % safe , you will feel that you atr in the first rand among the world 's trend .