abbr.multiple-beam antenna 多波束天线

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Haiyong ma of the changchun university of science and technology says there are more than 30000 mba students enrolled in 184 approved programmes .
Many students still prefer to go overseas if they can , believing that an mba from america , hong kong or singapore carries more cachet .
Kawasaki has a ba from stanford university and an mba from ucla , as well as an honorary doctorate from babson college .
Local schools usually adjust their curricula to local circumstances : the moscow school of management , skolkovo , offers an mba with an emphasis on coping with corruption .
That 's a shift from a few years ago , when many non-european students wanted to work in europe for a few years after getting their mba , she added .
Complicating matters , the immigration law was tweaked this year so that students can only apply for visas after they have completed and received their mba degree , siegfried said .
Jobs famously isn 't a trained programmer , engineer or mba , or even a wunderkind dropout steeped in any of those fields like bill gates or mark zuckerberg .
Mba stands for masters of business administration , and is a post graduate degree in business communication .
It 's an online platform for creative thinkers : the veteran designer , the critic , the mba , the active participant and the creative enthusiast with an idea to share .
Dee clarke , director of career services at esade business school ( esade full-time mba profile ) , said the number of graduates who work in spain after graduation has declined by about 50 percent in the last few years .


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