cpa是什么意思,cpa的意思是 payable abroad 国外赔付;closest point of approach 最接近点;极近似点;cost planning and appraisal 成本计划与评估

cpa 的用法和双语例句“点击”或“选中”例句中的单词,就可以看到词义解释

And she 's remarried-her husband , tom , formerly her cpa , is now her cfo .
" Australia cannot assume that it will succeed in the asian century purely on the back of its mineral exports , " cpa australia said .
Another survey by cpa australia , an accounting body , found that australian businesses , other than in mining and farming , typically rate asian markets as less important than domestic ones .
Art is generally treated as a collectible , like jewelry or wine , making it subject to a 28 % capital-gains tax when sold , as opposed to the current maximum 15 % long-term capital-gains rate for investments like stocks , says nadine gordon lee , a cpa and president of prosper advisors in new york .
Cpa firms continue to be affected by globalization .
What does the cpa profession of the future look like ?
Likewise , a cpa needs certain facts to achieve the task of budgeting and forecasting cash flow for your business .
Our message to the next generation is simple : being a cpa is one of the best careers you can have .